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Innovating ideas and new technology are changing the world and creating massive opportunities. We invite you to become part of Aspiring to build your business and future together with us.

1.7 billion USD in 3 years

Revolut, a FinTech company offering banking alike services, launched in 2015. The company have had a massive growth, and an even more spectacular growth in valuation. Early 2018 the company was valued at 1.7 billion USD when raising funds for further growth. Their 2 million customers and a long term vision of 100 million customers backed their valuation. It gave the Revolut founder a paper furtune of 500 million USD in just 3 years. 

What if this was your business, would it made a difference to your life?

You might not have the next billion dollar business idea, but it does not matter. Aspiring enables you to back start-up ideas with their initial funding, making you one of their first investors. When the business goes live all of the Aspiring crowd will promote it by crowd marketing, the world’s most powerful way of building a brand. As an Aspiring business member you can create financial security for yourself and your family. And the best thing, there is no selling involved, we build businesses solely by sharing!

Do you have a great idea, maybe we can help it come to life


4 steps towards your success

Become an Aspiring owner

Build your team

Support new business ideas

Share our businesses


With a wide range of income opportunities Aspiring offers one of the best opportunties you will ever come across. Start earning money without any cost, earn money simply as a passive investor, and earn money by sharing Aspiring and our businesses with the world.


A unique offer

Have you noticed that in most business opportunities you always build someone else’s business? Doesn’t it make more sense to build your own business? In Aspiring that is exactly what you do! As a business partner you become an Aspiring owner (limited offer) which mean that as our business grows your prosperity grows. That is a true shared economy!

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